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Life Overhaul

Be inspired, motivate, connect, reinvent, start fresh, overcome,'s your life, what are you waiting for?

Feb 10, 2020

Sherry Cormier used to tell people she "lived a life unscathed by loss," but at age 60 everything changed. Her father died suddenly, then her husband 3 months later, her mother 3 years later, and then her sister 2 years later. The losses left her in a perpetual state of devastation. Sherry shares how she took her...

Feb 4, 2020

Cheryl Roberts spent decades as a self-proclaimed "snooze alarm expert." She had also put on quite a few pounds over the years. But after seeing photos of herself at her daughter's wedding, she realized she was much heavier than she thought. At that moment, she made a life-changing decision to get up early and exercise...